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Hetal patel

Hetal is the Co-Founder of Future Frogmen and strives to organize and grow FF's collaborative team. Her passion for both environmental conservation and active volunteerism inspired the formation of our organization. Hetal plans to study Chemistry and Environmental Science and is actively involved in her local community.

Katerina zapfe

Katerina is a writer and illustrator for Future Frogmen. After graduation, she has worked in marine education, aquarium and research settings. Kat currently studies phylogenetics in marine fishes with the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and will start graduate school in the fall.

kayla morin

Kayla runs social media for Future Frogmen, and is currently pursuing a
masters in Conservation Biology and Environmental Education at the University of Connecticut. She in involved with current scale aging research on herring fishes.

Richard hyman

Richard is the Co-Founder and valued mentor to the Future Frogmen team. A former Cousteau diver and a PADI-certified aquanaut, he authored the memoir “FROGMEN” is about his journeys on Calypso. Today Richard is focused on environmental advocacy and education.

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