It's nice to meet you!


Richard is Executive Director of Future Frogmen. A former Cousteau diver and a certified aquanaut, he authored the memoir “FROGMEN”, detailing his journeys on Jacques Cousteau's research vessel Calypso. 

Katerina is a masters student at Clemson University and manages Future Frogmen's website while contributing creative content, writing and scientific illustrations. She aims to combine fine art and science through outreach programs, education initiatives, and scientific research. Her current work focuses on phylogenomics and diversification dynamics in marine fishes. Katerina also enjoys photography, scuba diving, and caring for her ever-growing orchid collection.

Kristina graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Communication Media and manages Future Frogmen's  media, marketing, and communication. An avid conservationist and lifelong explorer, Kristina strives to use her artistic abilities and experience in digital media to promote the importance of ecological awareness. She enjoys teaching herself new languages and is currently learning German and Korean.


Hetal is an incoming Environmental Sciences student at the University of Southern California.  She is passionate about environmental conservation and volunteerism.  Hetal enjoys traveling and plans to study abroad in New Zealand or Europe while completing her undergraduate degree.

Special thanks to Volunteer Writers: Nicole Betz, Gabriella Blatt, Alex Dornberg, Madeline Doten, John Englander, Zoe Jee, Mishka Kapoor, Sydney O'Brien, Chloe Wong, Field Reporter Ben Acker, and Videographer Zach MacMillan-Kenny for their blog and other contributions. Thanks also to Mentor, Dr. Marcy Cockrell.