Report From Alaska #1

Future Frogmen Volunteer Ben Acker has been fishing at sea all summer. When he occasionally makes port, he offers us fascinating perspectives as to what it is like; certainly difficult work and rather dangerous! Here, we catch you up with his beginning entry: 

“I landed in Petersburg Alaska about 4.5 hours ago and have been headed out to sea for an hour now already! In traditional “boat work” style I was originally scheduled to start June 17th but was asked if I could start this weekend. I packed my bags, put the rest of my belongings in storage and flew from Aspen to Denver to Seattle to Juneau to Petersburg and here we go!"



"I have taken lots of pictures already and the flight from Juneau to Petersburg Alaska was incredible. I’ll...send you updates whenever we have service which sounds like every few days."



"The 58ft-fishing vessel I’m on is called the Jean C. and was built in 1988. The first few weeks we will be pot fishing for cod. I asked why they are using pots as opposed to long lining and was told that the sperm whale population is currently growing at about 8% annually in Alaska which has made it hard to do anything but feed the whales when long lining. 


Stacks of fishing pots used to catch cod

Stacks of fishing pots used to catch cod

"This is the first year that pot fishing has been allowed in this area of Alaska.


With picking up my entire life and packing for this adventure over the course of about three days I have definitely lost a lot of sleep so I’m going to use the calm ride along the coast to catch up a bit before we get into the hard part. I’ll be in touch with updates and pictures whenever I can!”

-Ben Acker


Future Frogmen will continue to feature Ben's Alaska adventures with each subsequent port. Be sure to subscribe to keep up with more in the coming weeks.

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