Future Frogmen

Some of you may be wondering 'What's up with the interesting name, Future Frogmen?' We're glad you asked.


The term 'Frogman' or ‘Frogmen’ hails from the beginnings of SCUBA. Frogmen used SCUBA technology for underwater military or police work, including subsurface repairs and missions of war. The technology quickly evolved for recreational use and there have since been many advances. Today, divers enjoy a variety of gear options, from basic rigs to dry suits, to nitrox tanks and rebreathers. Diving remains popular with scientific researchers, marine-based organizations, and recreational dive enthusiasts both young and old.

Credit for SCUBA goes to famed explorer and diver Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his colleague Emile Gagnan. They solved man’s centuries-long quest to breathe underwater. Their invention of the demand valve regulator was a critical component of the self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA). This breakthrough meant that the regulator automatically adjusted the pressure of the air being supplied from a tank to a diver, as it was needed, e.g. “demand”. This was a groundbreaking safety feature, which enabled the air pressure inside a diver’s lungs to match the pressure of the water. 

To some, the term may still conjure up images of the elite Frogmen of World War II. Historically, the WW2 Frogmen operated similarly to today’s SEALs, named after the environment in which they operate, the Sea, Air, and Land. Here at Future Frogmen, we recognize and respect the hard work, rigorous training and resolve that characterize the original Frogmen and brave SEALs of today.

Although some of us Future Frogmen swim underwater wearing a wet suit, fins, mask and air supply, there’s not much else that we have in common with our namesake’s historical reference, the famed Frogmen. We are avid spokespersons about practicing respect, advocacy and stewardship for our seas, much like Cousteau himself, and we believe in the value of protecting both fresh and marine waterways from deleterious human impacts. Several of us dive and have witnessed first hand the impacts of plastic pollutants, harmful fishing practices, and uninformed policy. We hope to make a positive difference by giving the oceans and rivers a voice, promoting sustainable practices, and educating future generations in empowering and meaningful ways.









Cousteau and Gagnan aboard Calypso


We look to the Future. We strive to make our mark, to carry on the good name, and to usher in an age of positive practices, informed thought, and unity for the good of humanity and the sea.