Frogmen: Origins

The term 'Frogmen' hails from the name of underwater military reconnaissance and demolition divers. Jacques-Yves Cousteau enabled divers to swim more freely by using untethered breathing equipment or Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA). Today it is still used by the military but also by commercial and recreational divers. Cousteau opened the window so we could see, explore, and appreciate our underwater environment.


Our Mission

Future Frogmen is dedicated to sharing information about our planet's water environment. Today's marine environment faces unprecedented challenges. We are committed to raising awareness, providing reliable information about oceans and coastlines, and fostering passionate ecological ambassadors.

We welcome volunteers, collaborators, and partners: students, teachers and professors, schools, businesses, non-profits and others.  Contributions include writing, photography, video, art, social media and research. Participation includes events and outreach.